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This isn’t the average Android phone in the market, but it packs its own unique processing power, to make one of the fastest phones available in the market. The phone comes with a Tegra-2 NVIDIA processor, which makes it quite a unique product in the market. Well, it spells good news for mobile gaming enthusiast; since a normal Android phone would not accommodate this much processing power in one go. The mobile phone is not only capable of pre-loaded games like Shrek Kart, but is also capable of supporting 3-D games, and the processing power makes the gaming motion effortless. The HDMI output, makes the whole functionality on the phone – an icing on the cake, the video output on the phone does touch 1080p clarity – to make your mobile gaming a visual treat.

On the aesthetic front, the phone is elegant, as with all LG phones. The top-of-the-mind recall on the mobile phone is the 4” LCD touch screen. The best part about the display is the retention of colour-fidelity on the phone even at oblique viewing angles. The touch sensitivity on the phone is almost at par with the latest Apple phone available in the market. Another attraction on the phone is the 8MP camera, which gives sharp image outputs in HD clarity. The high-end phone also feature multi-media features like an Audio and Video player, with FM supported by an RDS interface. The internal memory on the phone is a commendable 8GB and comes with 512MB RAM. In addition, the mobile also supports 32GB expandable MicroSD slot. This LG phone is available on the homeshop18, the teleshopping website for Rs.26, 499, with a 9% off on MRP. Buy mobile online from the and get FREE Shipping and 1-yr Mfg. Warranty.  There is also the online electronics store, where you could buy a variety of branded gadgets.


Lava mobile is an Indian mobile manufacturing company which has presence in the Indian market for quite sometime now. However, it is recently entered the market segment of touch-screen mobile phones. Lava A10 is an aesthetically looking mobile with a good visual appeal – the stand-out feature on the phone is the 3” resistive touch-screen, which is made from high-quality IPS. The screen has both big-icons and is receptive to even single-touches. There is a 3.2MP camera offers both good image and video quality and offers continuous shots, with white balance, two scene modes and colour effects. Sending mails and instant messaging is possible through a virtual keypad and a Qwerty keypad. On the multi-media front, the mobile phone supports good sound quality backed by Yamaha speakers, the quality of the video player is good and does not give indication of getting hung while playing. There is also the option of taking the snapshot of the moving image and saving it on to the memory card. The connectivity on the mobile is offered through GPRS and Bluetooth. The internal memory on the phone supports 58MB and has an expandable card slot of 16GB. This Lava mobile is available on the online mobile store, Buy mobile online for Rs. 4505, with 18% off on the MRP and 1-yr warranty on purchase.

Lemon mobile is a Noida based mobile company, with regional offices around the country. The company produces both basic handset and high-end models with standard features and affordable prices. The company philosophy states about offering affordable mobiles with standard features to all its customers. The same belief gets reflected in Lemon W100 mobile, which is a standard candy bar mobile with a 2” TFT display. The mobile comes with a dual camera with image resolution of 1.3MP and 0.3MP. The camera is capable of video recording and plays both mp4 and 3gp formats. The multimedia feature on the mobile plays all the major music formats and also supports an FM radio. The data connectivity on the phone supports both GPRS and Bluetooth. The internal memory on the phone support 60MB and external memory up to 16GB on expandable card slot. Other features on the phone include SMS, instant messaging and organiser. This Lemon mobile is available on the online mobile store, Buy mobile online for Rs.2690, with 1yr Mfg. Warranty at

Motorola XT5 happens to be next version of the successful XT3 model of mobile phones. The Motorola XT series run on the successful Android Eclair OS. The improvement from the previous model comes in the form of a 5MP camera, which is an improvement from the 3.2MP camera on the XT3 model. Also there is an FM radio added to the phone which was lacking in the previous XT3 model.

The phone has a touch-screen interface and the display is supported through a 3.2” capacitive screen. The microprocessor on the phone clocks 600MHZ and is enough to support 256MB RAM and the microSD card could accommodate 32GB of digital space. The connectivity on the phone is supported through GSM, 3G, HSPA, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and A-GPS. This Motorola mobile phone is available on the online mobile store, On the online shop,, this mobile phone is available for Rs. 12, 669, with a 21% off on MRP.

In trade circles, Apple iPhone is a Killer product, it changed the way the world looked at Smartphones. It set new benchmarks for companies and raised customer expectations to a newer level. It was quite possible that Apple would have rested on its laurels and would have stayed with the product for long to dominate the market. Well, Apple had a strategy even before everyone had thought about what’s next to happen in the iPhone story. They came out with better version of the iPhone every season to raise the bar even further and did not allow other players to get a share of its Smartphone pie. Iphone4 is also no exception to the rule, it follows the Apple’s tradition of making sure the Apple tribe (people who swear by Apple) always get the bragging rights for owning the coolest phones in town.

The iPhone has the super fast A4 CPU processor, a front facing camera and a 5MP camera as the main shooting device. The most visible aspect is the drastic industrial design overhaul – and Apple has completely rethought its look and feel of the product from the previous version. The phone happens to be thinner than the previous version, measuring a cool 0.37inches compared to 0.48inches last time around. There is a speaker, microphone, 30-pin dock connector on the back of the phone. The memory aspect on the phone is decent enough and ups the ante by providing 512MB of RAM and can store up to 16GB in hard memory. The phone also comes in 32GB version, which is available on the online mobile store – Buy mobile online on the online shopping site, for Rs. 34, 200 (16GB model) and Rs.40, 200 (32GB model).

Motorola has been a brand long enough to catch the trends in the market, hands on. The Motorola EX115 looks and feels more like a Blackberry business phone with key features but an affordable price range. The Qwerty keypad is the most standout feature on the phone, which makes it the most visible aspect on the mobile phone. The camera on the phone captures images in 3MP capacity and comes with digital zoom aspect. The internal memory on the camera supports 50MB and can be extended up to 32GB on expandable card slot. The mobile is a DualSIM device and supports Email, Gmail – and gets you access to most of the popular online networking websites. The mobile phone comes with a talktime of 8hrs and standby of 240hrs. The connectivity on the phone is supported by GPRS and Bluetooth. The internal memory on the phone supports 50MB and an expandable microSD slot of 32GB. On the online mobile store,, the phone is available for Rs.4549, with a 24% off on the MRP. Buy mobile online on the online shop and get 1yr Mfg. Warranty and Free Shipping on the product.

Karbonn Mobiles is an Indian Mobile manufacturer with original designs; to make good affordable mobiles for the Indian mobile consumer. Karbonn mobiles promises its consumer looks, quality, technology and service to perfectly align with style and function of the buyer. With this promise comes the Karbonn Qwerty Dual SIM with Dual Memory Card slot – called the K46. The mobile comes with 2” LCD screen and comes packed with A-V Player and FM radio with recording. In terms of connectivity the phone is equipped with Bluetooth, WAP, GPRS, Data Cable Connectivity and Internet Browser. The internal memory on the phone supports 1000 contact names and holds a card-slot to support 8GB memory. This Karbonn mobile has dual-memory slot to make it unique among mobile phones in its segment. Buy mobile online at for Rs.1999, with 33% off on the MRP. On the online mobile store,, this mobile is available for 1-yr warranty and comes with Free Shipping.

Nokia E5 is smart Qwerty phone from Nokia. The mobile phone is meant for the business users and features utilities like synchronisation of contacts and email with Microsoft Exchange. The mobile phone is easily able to access the social networks prevalent in the present times. To begin with, the display on the phone measures – 2.4” and comes with a LCD TFT Display. The Nokia phone comes with a good set of features for all the business focussed users. The 5MP digital camera with DVD quality video capture, 3x Digital Zoom & LED flash, the multi-media experience on the phone is decent and does support both A-V formats. The connectivity on the phone is offered by GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth, 3G and USB mechanisms. The internal memory on the phone supports 256MB and supports expandable memory slot of 32GB. This Nokia phone is available at the online mobile store – This Nokia mobile is available for Rs.9100, with a 10% off on MRP. The mobile phone comes with 1-yr Mfg. Warranty.

They say – Good things come in small packets, same applies to Sony Ericsson X10 mini Pro. A phone with a very long name, but compact enough to neatly fit into one’s palm; the phone is lightweight and weighs 120gms and comes with a touchscreen interface. The backside of the phone comes with a human curvature, which is supposed to be an ergonomic design to neatly fit into one’s hand. The display on the phone measures 2.55 inches; the capacitive touchscreen has a good GUI and has colour resolution of 65k. The camera on the phone takes photographs in 5MP capacity and is capable of video recording. The keypad on the phone happens to be a tad-small compared to other small phone models in the market today. However, the keypad is responsive enough for fast typing. The reason given by the company is that Sony Ericsson does not give much thought to virtual keypads, when they have fast responsive physical keypads.

The company comes with the pedigree of coming out with good multi-media features. And this time around, it does not disappoint – it comes with radio and A-V player, with good sound and picture quality. In terms of data connectivity, the mobile phone is compatible with GPRS, EDGE, 3G, Wi-Fi and USB connectivity. Other features on the mobile phone include intuitive icons, games and organiser. Buy mobile online from the online mobile store – This Sony Ericsson mobile phone is available at for Rs.13, 950 with a 22% off on MRP.

Buying a mobile can be stressful experience when the budget does not happen to be on our side. Realistically, a mobile phone with decent amount of features and an affordable price tag makes for good bargain in the crowded mobile market in India. There are multiplicity of models available in the market today, with no guarantee on the quality of components inside the handset. There are only a few brands in the market that can promise on the quality (apart from the big brands) and deliver on what they promise.

Movil mobiles from Bling Telecom happen to one of those companies, which come with a range of features, but come with an affordable price tag. The company makes models both in GSM and CDMA technology, and seeks to give the consumer differentiated and designer user experience. Movil MA1 happens to a mobile phone model, which seeks to emulate the promise of standing out in the crowd of mobile phones flooding the market. This DualSIM mobile phone comes with a 2.2” TFT colour display, and a 1.3MP camera with good resolution. For a basic phone, it impresses with an A-V player and FM radio. The connectivity on the phone is offered by GPRS and Bluetooth. The mobile phone also has a good internal memory and supports and expandable 2GB card slot. Buy mobile phone online from the best online shopping site – The mobile online shopping website gives a discount of 65% off on the handset.

Nokia was a Finnish company that started off as a rubber manufacturing company. It latter diversified into cable works, paper manufacturing and electricity generation. In 1922, the three companies jointly owned by Nokia merged together to form a conglomerate to pave for the global corporation as we known it today. In 1982, the first Nokia mobile phone came into existence and continues to this very day as a phone manufacturing company. Although, the market share of the company has shown a dip in recent times. There have been no let up in the trend of innovation the brand is known for in recent years.

Perhaps, the latest trend in the change in strategy is the tie-up with Microsoft for manufacturing Smartphones. The mobile market is not the same, as it was earlier there are new player and better operating systems that are dominating the market. Nokia- continues to dominate the market in Asia, with the exception of America, where it never really took off. Buying a Nokia mobile has become quite effortless in recent times – with the coming of online shopping sites. On the online shop –, the Nokia Mobile Price is lesser than the MRP and come with reasonable discounts. Buying select Nokia mobile phones can fetch a freebie with 1-yr mfg. Warranty on the mobile phone.

Competing with Apple, Samsung, Dell and Motorola – Blackberry is the latest to put up its product in the fast-growing and in-demand tablet market. The tablet is known as the Blackberry playbook and comes with a 7” high resolution display and a highly fluid capacitive touchscreen experience. This tablet support the Adobe Flash Player 10.1 to play online videos and movies; with a majority of them running on Flash. The tablet is equipped for multi-tasking and is equipped with a 1GHz Dual-core microprocessor to support 32GB of HDD and 1GB RAM. Plays media in HD and in alignment with Blackberry’s USP – comes with advanced security features. One of the stand-out features on the blackberry is that – you can Sync with your blackberry phone completely. RIM has made special emphasis of being always in-alignment with your phone when using the tablet.

The tablet comes with dual camera, first with a 5MP and the second having 3MP resolution. The main camera is equipped with digital zoom and auto-focus. The tablet is built for a complete multi-media experience including music and video player that supports all the major audio and video formats available currently. Other features on the playbook include Document Viewer and WebKit are other features on the phone. This Blackberry tablet is available on the India online shopping website for Rs.41, 999. Buy tablet in online shopping mall and get Free Shipping, 1-yr Warranty and Full Insurance cover on the product during transit.

Blackberry was usually known as phones for the business class. However, recently the company has made a switch and has started targeting the average guy – the college goer, the poet, the artist, the copy-writer. Basically, anybody and everybody who is not known to use a Blackberry to keep in touch or conduct his/ her daily schedule. This makes the blackberry have an all round appeal for user who wanted to use it, but had second thoughts on the easiness of its usage. The marketing pitch seeks to break the jinx associated with Blackberry and makes it mobile device for anyone who looks forward to elegant communication device with enterprise-level security. The push mail feature coming with all Blackberry devices is the USP of the device, enabling you to Sync all your business mails on your business email server to your Blackberry device.

All these features are included in the Blackberry Curve 3G 9300 comes with 2.46” TFT display with QWERTY keypad and a touch sensitive optical trackpad. The internal memory on the phone supports 256 MB RAM & 256 MB ROM, with provision for expandable 32GB card slot. The data connectivity on the phone is provided through GPRS, EDGE, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & USB connectivity. The camera is not best in the league of Smartphones, but supports 2MP capacity. Blackberry also have made sure they include a music and video player into the device to support all the major A-V formats currently available. Other features on the Blackberry include the regular organiser, voice memo, browser and intuitive icons etc. The standard battery on the phone supports 5.5hrs of talktime and 356hrs of extended standby time. The blackberry phone is available on online shopping for Rs.14, 100. Buy mobile online and get 6% off on the MRP and 1-yr Mfg warranty.

There is a lot being about Micromax coming with Smartphones, but there is another market that all mobile manufacturers are keen to tap into. The budget phone market, which consists of the chunk of the rural and price-conscious audience, is a major market segment that seeks attention of all major businesses. The Micromax X200 is a budget mobile from the Indian mobile manufacturer Micromax that seeks to target this elusive market segment. The Micromax mobile phone has basic features and does not have any added features seen on high-end phones. The phone for starters happens to be Dual SIM, with slots for 2-GSM SIM Cards.

The mobile phone comes with a 0.3MP camera with VGA recording. The FM radio on the mobile phone is capable of recording and the phone comes with a loudspeaker. The internal memory on the mobile is reasonable and has an expandable 2GB card slot. Other features on the mobile phone include Organiser, Wallpaper, Calculator & Alarm Clock. The standard battery on the mobile phone supports 5hrs of talktime and supports 102hrs of extended stand-by time. The mobile phone is available on the online shopping mall, for Rs.1535, with a 23% off on the MRP. Buy mobile online and get 1-yr Mfg Warranty from the vendor at

Dell XCD35 is the second mobile phone coming from Dell, with the Android interface. The XCD35 mobile phone comes as an elegant, compact and performance oriented phone. The phone comes with GPS navigation with support from website. The Smartphone comes with 3.5” touchscreen is made from TFT material and has WVGA resolution. The Dell XCD 35 comes with 3.2MP camera and digital zoom. The mobile phone supports both audio and video player and with a radio with FM recording. The data connectivity on the phone is offered by GPRS, Wi-Fi, 3G and GPS. The phone supports an internal memory of 200MB and comes with a 32GB expandable card slot. Other features on the phone include Speaker, Stereo FM Radio, Games and Conference Call option. The battery on the phone supports 4hrs of talktime and extends up to 540hrs on standby. This mobile and other mobiles from Dell 3G Android are available on the online shopping website – for Rs.12, 899, with a 24% off on MRP.

HTC is known to build mobile devices that appeal to both the business class and the youth of today. The HTC HD II extends the boundaries to what need to be good mobile phone to have, when there are a range of Smartphones available in the market. HTC is a brand which distinguishes itself from other brands in the market on account of its innovative user and navigational experience. The phone does incorporate the GUI interface HTC sense (based on TouchFLO Design) on the phone. The software interface designed and developed by HTC is known for its friendly user experience. In fact, HTC has incorporated this user interface onto both its Android and Windows phones in the market.

The first things on the phone you are likely to notice is the 4.3” display, which is sizeable when compared to other phones in the market. The camera on the phone has a 5MP capacity and comes with auto focus and Dual LED flashlight. All this powered by a well-equipped 1GHz Snapdragon processor to support 512MB of ROM and 448 MB of RAM. Other features on the phone include G-sensor, Proximity Sensor and Windows Media Player – playing pictures, audio and video. With a complete set of multi-media options available the phone also helps you touch base with your friends on the social networking sites – for you to easily access Facebook and Twitter. The standard battery on the phone supports 7hrs of talktime and 300hrs of extended battery life. This mobile is available on the online shopping website for Rs.23, 000.  Other mobiles from HTC are also available on the shopping site – Buy mobile in India online at and avail 1-yr Mfg Warranty with Easy EMI payment option.

Meant for the stylish phone users, the HTC sense UI provides with incredible user experience and captures pictures that are so vivid that makes it life like. All HTC Desire phones are equipped with a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, capable of sending business mails, handling the daily calendar – with the capability to synchronise it with your company mail directory. There are two popular models of HTC phones in the Desire series – HTC DesireZ A7272 & HTC Desire HD A9191. This present write-up briefly explains the features on the two popular HTC phones and its availability on the online mobile store –

HTC Desire Z A7272 – is a touchscreen phone with a 3.7” display allows for range of applications to be displayed on the front-screen of the phone. Further checking mails and updating your FB status is much easier with the HTC Desire Z phones. The phone runs on Android 2.2 Froyo OS on the HTC Sense platform – the proprietary user interface from HTC.  In terms of connectivity, the phone connects through 3G, GPRS, EDGE & WiFi. Other features on the phone include Digital Compass, Proximity Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor & G-Sensor. The multimedia features on the phone are quite impressive and it supports Music player, Video player and FM radio. This HTC phone is available on the online shopping store for Rs.24950, with 19% off on the MRP. The next phone on the list is the HTC Desire HD A9191 – has a capacitive touchscreen with a 16million colour resolution. The mobile is equipped with an 8MP camera with autofocus and automatic LED flash and is capable of video recording. The connectivity on the phone is provided by GPRS, WiFi, 3G & Bluetooth. The internal memory on the phone supports 1.5GB & 768MB RAM, with card slot to hold 32GB of data. This HTC mobile is available for Rs.26, 395, with 19% off on the MRP. The mobile phone comes with a 1-yr Mfg Warranty. There are other mobiles also from HTC available on the shopping site –

Lemon Mobiles is based out of Noida and was established in the year 2008. The company has motto of promoting quality mobile telephony products for the thriving Indian market. The company produces both basic and high-end handsets. Lemon comes across as feature rich & multi-media equipped devices for the Indian consumer. Two Lemon mobile models that have made quite an impact on the Indian consumer market – Lemon IT717 & Lemon Duo818 – and are respectively best sellers in their own segment. The stand-out of feature on both phones is the touchscreen capability and both have wide screen display for easy navigation. First – the Lemon IT717 mobile has a 3-inch TFT resistive screen and comes with a 3.2MP camera, equipped with video recording. It is equipped with Audio & Video recorder with FM radio. There is capability to store 2000 contacts in the phonebook. The mobile is targeted at the present Social Media enthusiast – and is capable of both sending Email and connecting with all your friends on various social network sites. The connectivity on the phone is offered through EDGE & Java. The TV shopping India website offers the Lemon IT717 phone for Rs.3, 499. The India shopping site gives a 1-yr Mfg. Warranty on this Lemon Mobile.

Lemon Duo818 is a slider phone with DualSIM and touch screen with Dual Speakers. The Music & Video player puts out good output and the FM Radio helps you swing with the latest tune in town. There is also a digital camera and memory card slot for you to store all the memorable moments spent with your friends. Both phones are available on the online shop in India –

Movil mobiles are produced from Bling Telecom, which happens to be a new entrant into the Indian mobile market. The company manufacturers both GSM and CDMA mobiles, and makes mobiles that stand out from the rest of the mobiles in the market. Bling Telecom, markets its products under the brand name Movil and one of the best selling products happens to be Movil MA1 mobile phones. It is Dual SIM (GSM + GSM) mobile phone.

The mobile comes with a camera of 1.3MP capacity, with a built-in Flash. The data connectivity on the phone is offered by GPRS & Bluetooth. Being a budget phone, makes it have only FM radio with recording. It has an internal memory and accommodates a 2GB memory slot. Other features on the phone include SMS, organiser, wallpapers, screen-saver and speaker phone. Buy this Movil Mobile Phone, online at the e shopping website for Rs. 1725, with a 65% off on the MRP. Also get 1yr Mfg Warranty on the mobile as well.

Sony was the first the bring-out Walkman into the world. This Walkman series phone is Sony’s attempt to keep its first mover advantage extend into mobile phones with Music players. The uniqueness of this phone is its stereo Bluetooth Audio. This means you could listen to your favourite music playlist on Bluetooth headphones, in Stereo voice quality. TrackID feature enables you to record music through voice recorder or FM radio – and lets you search the same song for availability online.

This Sony Slider Phone comes with a 2MP camera and is enabled with video recording. The video player supports 3gp, mp4 and avi formats. As always, the multimedia options on the phone are quite impressive – the phone has a music, video player and FM radio. The music player on the phone supports mp3, .midi, .wav and .amr formats. The phone has WAP, GPRS, Bluetooth, Browser and is enabled for Social Networking. The internal memory on the phone stands at 5MB and is supported by an 8GB expandable memory slot. The standard battery on the phone supports a battery talktime of 4hrs and supports standby of 450hrs. At, make an online purchase for the mobile phone for Rs. 4, 999, which is 11% off on the MRP. Buy the mobile phone online and get Free Beverly Hills Polo Sunglasses and 2GB Memory Card worth Rs. 3950.

An Android touch p;hone with super screen, that’s to briefly put the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc mobile phone. Xperia Arc runs on Android Gingerbread and is equipped with a 1-Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. The phone weights a mere 117gms and size-wise is cool enough to neatly accommodate in the palm of the hand, it measures a stylish but slim 0.34inches across. The display on the phone is a sizeable 4.2” – with a multi-touch interface and comes with a scratch resistant surface. The backlit LCD screen has a 16million colour resolution for it being able to display lively and vivid images. There is an 8MP camera on the phone, with ability to take pictures in 3264x2448p resolution. It can record video in 720p at 30 frames/ second.

Certainly, with Sony Ericsson able to built quality multimedia phones. This phone has an FM radio with RDS interface, with an Audio and Video player. In terms of connectivity, the phone is built for GPRS, EDGE, 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth & USB. The internal memory on the phone supports 320MB storage and 512MB of RAM space, with an option for 32GB expandable card slot. It supports Push Email option and is enabled for downloadable motion gaming applications. Other features on the phone  include – Accelerometer, Proximity Sensor, Digital Compass, HDMI port, Social Media integration and many other features. The battery on the phone supports 5hrs of talktime with provision for 56hrs of stand-by time. This mobile and other Sony Ericsson mobile is available on the India Shopping website – for Rs.28,399, with 11% off on the MRP. Buy mobile online and avail a 1-yr Mfg. Warranty with easy EMI option.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play is an attempt by the manufacturer to go past image of a multimedia pioneer to that of fully functional game console-cum-mobile phone player. The device designed for the avid gamer places special emphasis on the giving the user an Uber gaming experience. For starters, there is a 4”screen that display crispy colours and smooth 3D gaming graphics. Slide the phone and the game controllers come into the picture. These are dedicated gaming keys, with shoulder buttons and analogue touch joystick. The keypad on the phone has been completely done away with – the capacitive multi-touch screen interface. Powered by the Android Gingerbread OS, being a gaming phone – the need for multitasking has been taken care of. And being certified by Playstation, in someway makes it the USP of the device. Sony, in fact has tied up with other content creators for more games to the included on its internet suite.

Being a phone, the device comes with an integrated camera and a front facing camera for video calling; the main camera supports 5MP picture quality. The multimedia functions are at par other mobile phones from Sony Ericsson. The phone is enable for 3G and is compatible with both GPRS and Bluetooth. The battery on the phone supports functionality of 5hrs with a stand-by of 56hrs.  There is an internal memory of 400MB with 380 RAM space, expandable memory supports a 32GB card slot. Other features on the phone include Digital Compass, Social Media Access, Noise Cancellation and many other features. This Sony Ericsson phone is available on India Shopping website, for Rs.30, 899, with a 12% off on the MRP. Buy mobile online at for a 1-yr warranty, with payment in easy instalments.

This is one of those mobiles that look hip and high-end, but comes with an affordable price tag. This Nokia mobile comes with a 3.2” responsive touchscreen display. The keypad has been done away with, and is replaced by a touchscreen interface. The phone is the evolution from Xpress Music series of phones from Nokia. The music player supports 33hrs of continuous music play. The camera on the phone has a 2MP capacity and connects easily to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Gmail. The camera is capable of recording video and while playing videos, supports all major formats. The FM radio on the phone has good voice clarity and comes with an RDS interface, thanks to the emphasis on sound – speaker give out satisfactory voice output.

Accelerometer, Document Viewer, Handwriting Recognition are other features on the phone. The Symbian OS comes out good to give a smooth navigational interface. The internal memory on the phone supports 70MB & 128MB of RAM, with compatibility for 16GB microSD card slot. The battery on the phone supports 8hrs of talktime and 432hrs of Standby. On the India Online Shopping website,, this Nokia phone is available for Rs.6250, with a 7% off on the MRP.

Nokia 1100 was a legend of a mobile in phone circles, it was known as the most used mobile phone on the planet, according to a UN survey. Treading the same path, comes this Nokia mobile with minimal features and suited for rough usage. The phone is primarily meant for individuals, for whom the mobile is a communication device, nothing more and nothing less. The display on the phone measures 1.36” and comes with an anti-dust keypad that doubles as short-cut keys for easy navigation.  When all the market is flooding with colour display, the phone turns the clock back and comes with a monochrome display.

This phone is minimal and as luxury, you have the FM Radio and Mp3 ringtones. Other features on this phone include Flashlight, Calendar and Predictive Text Output. This Nokia Mobile is available on the online shopping website, for Rs.1069. Buy the latest Nokia Mobile and get 9% off on the MRP and comes with 1-yr warranty.

Motorola would have anticipated arrival of Apple’s iPad2; to come out with the Xoom tablet earlier on February 24. The tablet runs on Android Honeycomb, the custom built Android OS designed especially for the new generation Tablets. And overall the device would not disappoint and comes with descent user experience. The running power on the tablet is provided through a 1-Ghz NVIDIA Tegra2 processor that supports – a 1GB RAM and 32GB of internal storage. The dimensions are similar to its famous cousin in the market – a 9.8” x 6.6”, and weighs a cool 680gms.

The navigational and user experience on the device is pretty much inline with the iPad. The Honeycomb software performs as a cohesive unit and there aren’t any arcane functions. Someone using the Xoom for the first time would not find it tough. There is ample use of neon and electric blue colours, the letters mostly have hard right angles to give it a very contemporary hi-tech look. The battery life on the Xoom is good and closes in on the promise of 10hrs, while clocking 8.5hrs on continuous play. The 5MP camera on the phone does give image clarity and shoots video in 720p resolution. The browser on the tablet is similar to desktop Chrome, and if you are familiar, you would feel right at home. Another feature, you could boast about on the device, is completely improved Gmail interface. Music player on the tablet is an improved version of the Android Player and comes with newly designed 3D interface. Movie Studio, a video editing software is designed similar to the iMovie by Apple. Other features like Ambient Light Sensor, Barometer and Gyroscope are also included into this Motorola gadget. On the online shopping website,, this Motorola device is available for Rs. 38, 500. On the India online shopping website, the device comes with 1-yr Mfg. Warranty. Shopping for the tablet on the shopping site is easy with around -7- options for payments available.

This is an interesting phone from Videocon, it holds together 3-SIM cards with a Dual Standby and comes with some exciting features for a budget mobile phone. The display on the phone is a standard 2.4inch and is quite reasonable for a phone in its price range. The phone has a 2MP Camera and is capable of recording and supports 3gp & Mp4 formats, while playing videos. The phone has an Audio-Video player, loaded with an FM radio feature. The music player supports Mp3, MIDI and WAV formats. The connectivity on the phone is provided through Bluetooth, WAP, GPRS, and EDGE mechanisms.  The standard battery on the phone supports 6hrs of talktime and 360hrs of stand-by.

Other features on the phone include Speaker Phone, Call Conference and Torch Light. This Videocon mobile and other mobiles are available on the watch online shopping website, Get this best mobile deals at, the mobile phone comes for Rs.2399, with a 47% off on the MRP, with Free shipping on the product.

iPad was a phenomenon, its successor iPad2 stands to do better than its predecessor, the number speak for themselves. The iPad sold -1-million in the first 28days, but the iPad2 sold almost a similar number in the first weekend alone. Estimates suggest 60% of the customers of iPad2 already own an iPad – testimony to the Apple’s iconic brand loyalty. Apart from the stats – the product speaks for itself. There is a better processor, two-cameras, a thinner product and an improved browser.

The dual core- A5 1-GHz CPU Chip not only runs faster, but supports 512MB of RAM and up to 64GB of hard disk space. The processor at peak usage clocks 800 MHz and comes true on Apple’s promise on efficiency. With the competitors coming out with cameras on their tablets, Apple could not lag behind. The iPad2 comes with two cameras – the primary camera records and captures images in HD resolution. The second camera with lower resolution is meant for video-calling. In terms of girth, we always thought Apple has hit the glass ceiling, but the company surprised many by coming out with a product measuring only 0.34inch across, cutting down by 0.16inches – a 30% decrease from the original.  The newiOS browser puts into use the Nitro Java Script engine to make the internet page download much faster. In terms of download speed, the iPad2 is at par with Motorola Xoom tablet.

There are other things that can keep you interested in an iPad2 – a longer battery life at par with its predecessor – even with a trimmed girth on the gadget. The speaker has been shifted to the back for much clearer voice quality. The gadget includes an ambient light sensor, an accelerometer and a new-three-axis gyroscope. This revolutionary gadget is available at the online shopping network, for Rs.56, 499 (64GB Model) and comes with a 1-year Mfg. Warranty. The India online shopping portal also offers the tablet in two colours – white & black. The shopping site has a variety of variations on the ipad2 including the 64GB, 32GB and 16GB models, with reasonable price variations.

HTC is a Chinese Device Manufacturer, established in 1997 and was initially a manufacturer of notebook computers. Later in 1998, the company ventured into handheld wireless devices and was the first-mover in certain product categories – like the first Microsoft Smartphone and the first Microsoft 3G phone. The distinction also aligns with the fact that, HTC was chosen by Microsoft as the hardware platform for the Windows7 mobile software. However, today HTC also makes phones using the Android OS. The same HTC brings the HTC Touch HD2 T8585, world’s first touchscreen Windows phone.

The phone comes with an impressive 4.3” screen and runs on a 1-Ghz processor that ensures quick navigation. For a better UI, HTC has included its HTC Sense UI to help prioritize essential features on mail, calendar and messenger. Another intuitive feature on the phone lets it align to the time of a specific place and gives instant updates on temperature and weather. The wallpaper on the phone comes with mimicking feature that changes automatically to reflect the ambient weather. The G-sensor on the phone lowers the ringer volume, after you pick up the phone into your hands. Other features on the phone include 5MP Camera, Built-in GPS, FM Radio and internal memory of 448 RAM & 512ROM. The standard battery on the phone gives 6hrs of talktime and can be on standby for up to 356hrs. The mobile is available on the e-shopping website, Buy mobile phone in India at the online shopping portal, for Rs. 26, 900, with a 27% off on the MRP. This mobile comes with FREE Shipping and a 1-yr Manufacturer’s Warranty.

When naming the new phone – Aero, Dell made sure, it is making one of the lightest phones for the Smartphone market. The phone is light on the hand and weighs a mere 105gms compared to its closet contemporary Motorola Droid (170gms). This Dell Mobile runs on the Android Eclair 2.1 and has a multi-touch interface. The 3.5” screen stands out on the mobile, with 640x360p make the imagery and display on the phone extremely lively. A high-end 5MP camera enabled for video recording, supports video output in mp4, wmv and h.263&264. This makes for easy upload of videos on video sites like You Tube. There is enough space for all your photos, videos and music files the Dell Aero has an internal memory of 256MB and supports and expandable memory of 32GB.

The multimedia features on the phone support both music and video player. The connectivity on the phone is offered by Bluetooth, WAP, GPRS, EDGE, Wi-Fi and GPS formats. Other features on the phone include 3G connectivity, Voice Command, Games, Document Viewer and more. The standard battery on the phone supports talktime of 4Hrs and Standby time extends up to 180hrs. This Dell 3G Android mobile is available e shopping website, for Rs. 14,999. Buy the Dell mobile online and get a FREE 2GB memory card worth Rs.500 and avail FREE Shipping.

Carrying a mobile while travelling can come with its fair share of surprises; even if happen to carry a mobile charger – charging sockets are often limited in number. Trains, waiting-rooms, airports – all do have sockets, but are often over-populated and over-used. Also, travelling into the countryside, where mobiles are still more or less a novelty, frequent power-cuts means, you would have to sitting along beside your mobile, when you would have important tasks to be finished for the day. The idea of a mechanical mobile charger is still to catch on – but it is an innovation, that can be life-saver when the battery is about to go dead and searching for socket for charging does not seem a viable option.

The charger works on the principal of a Dynamo, where the manual winding-up of the device does the job. The process produces enough charge to fuel-up the battery of the mobile. The USP of the device is all about charging the device – anywhere and anytime. 60 sec winding or cranking-up can give 3-mins of battery life on your mobile. You could either make it a back-up for your regular mobile charger or if you happen to have an affinity for all-things cordless, then this gadget to go for. On the India Online Shopping website,, this gadget is available for Rs.350. The device is compatible with all major mobiles like Nokia Mobiles and Samsung Mobiles. Buy the device online and avail 15% off on the MRP and get 1-yr replacement warranty against manufacturing defect.

On buses, trains, aeroplanes and all public places – we can find people immersed in their own musical world. A world which their own, it is of their own choosing which gets them closer to their memories, imaginations and fantasies. Headphones in today’s world have become ubiquitous with the portability of music devices. Music today need not be purchased, but can be downloaded from the internet on paying a small fee. This coupled with advances in storage space technology has meant that thousands of songs can be stored on a single device, to play hours of non-stop music.

In practicality, no-one would be hooked to music for such a long time, given the number of hours, these music players are designed to play music. Headphones happen to be the bridge between this personal music paradise and the ears that enjoy unhindered chain of melody. Headphones come in all shapes and sizes, some cover the entire ear, some go inside the ear canal and then there are these new Clip-type earphones. They wrap around the ear and enter the ear-canal, to provide added stability, while on the move. On the online shopping website,, these headphones are made by Panasonic and are price at Rs.599. This India online shopping offers 3 months warranty on these Panasonic Headphones.

Spice Mobiles are known for affordable – good quality mobiles for the Indian mobile consumer.  And Spice T55 delivers on both the promises. The Spice QT55 is budget phone from Spice and is meant for the price conscious customer. Basically a QWERTY phone, with Dual SIM capability, comes with a 2.2inch display and 220×176 resolution. The camera on the phone has a 1.3MP capacity and is capable of video recording.

As a multimedia device, the phone does well and boasts of music and video player with an FM radio. The phone is capable of sound recording and can function as wireless FM radio. The data connectivity on the phone is provided by Bluetooth, WAP & GPRs. The internal memory on the phone supports 400KB and expandable memory slot holds up to 8GB of data. The interface on the phone gives easy access to social networking sites like Facebook & Orkut. The standard battery on the phone supports a talktime of 5hrs and extends to a standby of 160hrs. Other features on the phone include Torchlight, Calculator, World-clock and Games. At, online mobile shopping website, this Spice Mobile Phone is available for Rs. 1999 with a 46% discount on MRP.

The best part about the Dell Venue Pro; it is pitched as a high-end business phone, but is not another Smartphone. Hence, it strays away from being another wagon in the Smartphone trailer. And, here the OS isn’t Android, but Window7 mobile – giving the impression that Dell wants to be serious player in the mobile devices market by leveraging both Microsoft & Google software platforms. Its tablet device – Steak & touchscreen mobile – XCD28, both runs on Android OS for starters.

The 4.1inch AMOLED screen on the Dell Venue Pro is both scratch resistant and shows sharp and vibrant images. The slider on the phone hides the keyboard, which is smooth in use.  The keyboard on the phone looks claustrophobic to the new user, due to its narrow design. However, the raised contour of the buttons makes for good grip and fast typing. The camera has a 5megapixel capacity and is enabled for video recording in 720pixel resolution.

The data connectivity on the phone is provided by GPRS, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G. The phone is provided with a radio. In terms of storage, the phone has a 16GB internal memory and is enabled for expandable microSD memory slot. Lastly, the phone is meant for the business user who cherishes a physical keyboard for typing and is comfortable with a Windows interface on his mobile as well. At, online shopping website, the Dell Mobile is available for Rs. 29, 999 with a 14% discount on the MRP. It comes with a 1yr Mfg. Warranty & Easy Payment options on the online website.

The Alcatel Mobile is known for its innovative approach towards bringing you new mobiles. In the same category comes the Alcatel ICE3-OT-710D full screen touch mobile OT-710D. The phone is a dual SIM phone with 2megapixel camera and a 2.8inch TFT screen. On the multimedia front, the phone does well, with both video player and music player. It is enabled with FM radio and recording. In terms of data connectivity the mobile is enabled for Bluetooth, WAP, GPRS and easy social connectivity support. It has an internal memory and the expandable memory accommodates up to 8GB memory slot.

There is also the night vision mode and video player supports H263 codec and 3gp formats. The radio comes with an Equaliser, Radio and FM recording. The internal memory supports 500 contacts and can hold data up to 4MB, the expandable memory slot accommodates 8GB memory slot. The standard battery on the camera supports a talk-time of 5hrs and extends to a standby of 400hrs. At, online shop, the camera is available for a price of Rs. 3899, that’s a 22% Off on the MRP. Buy the Alcatel phone online now and get a 2GB memory card worth Rs.1699. Get a value back gift certificate will be sent along with this product.

Samsung Phones has finally broken the price barrier and has come out with an affordable resistive touchscreen model of mobile phone. The Samsung C3303 or the Samsung Champ, as it is being promoted in the media. The phone has 2.4inch with 256k colour resolution, the touchscreen can be operated both with hands and a stylus. The camera on the phone has 1.3megapixel capacity and records both still and moving images.

The connectivity on the phone is offered by GPRS & Bluetooth. On the multimedia front, the phone comes with an FM radio with RDS interface and FM recording. The phone has an internal memory and supports an expandable memory slot of 8GB capacity. The standard battery on the phone supports a talk-time of 8hrs and extends to a standby time of 432hrs. Other features on the phone include SMS, Organiser, Wallpaper, Screen Saver among others.

The phone is being heavily promoted in the media with the tag – MusicGiri. The Samsung, it seems are quite charged about the voice quality of the speakers on the phone. At homeshop18, online shop, this Samsung Mobile phone is available at a price of Rs. 3, 790, which is a discount of 16% off on the MRP.

Wespro Corporation , since its inception has been known for bringing out innovative gadgets at good affordable prices, pitched at the middle class. In 2002, the company brought out the lowest price point & shoot digital camera and from there on it’s been path of impressive growth.

On these lines, Wespro Mobiles comes out with Dual SIM mobile phone with Dual Battery – Wespro X2000i. The camera comes with a 2inch LCD display and 1.3 megapixel camera. The camera has a resolution of 1280×1024 pixel and is a single touch key camera. As a multimedia mobile phone, the phone is quite satisfactory – and comes with both music and video player. The music player supports mp3 and avi formats, while the video player supports 3gp videos. There is also FM radio with recording, and is backed up by simple voice recording.

The mobile has good connectivity options and supports Bluetooth, WAP, GPRS and also supports data cable. The internal memory of the phone supports 32MB with the capability to hold 200 contacts. The expandable memory on the phone can support a microSD card of 2GB capacity. The standard battery on the phone supports a talk-time of 5hrs and supports a stand-by time of 280hrs. Other features on the phone include Call Conference, Social Networking Support, Torch Light and Speaker phone among others. At, this Wespro Mobile phone is available at Rs. 2999, that’s a discount of 57% on the MRP. Buy now and avail 57% off on the MRP.

Spice Mobiles is a company driven by the mantra of innovation. Spice stands to establish enriching ideas into their mobile devices for the thriving mobile society in India. The company is known for coming out with mobile phones for the common man. The Spice M6464 (Dual SIM) is a product that combines both innovation and affordability. The phone has a screen display of 2.2inch and has a resolution of 240×320 pixels and comes with a speaker phone.  The camera on the phone has a resolution of 1600×1200 pixels and is compatible with 3gp & mp4 formats.

On the multimedia front, the mobile does well. The mobile phone comes with both a music & and video player and comes loaded with FM radio and FM recording. The music player supports mp3, midi, wav and amr formats. The phone’s data connectivity is ensured through WAP, Bluetooth and GPRS. Internet browser and the messenger service Nimbuzz is also functional on the mobile. The internal memory of the phone is 85MB and stores 1000 contacts, the expandable memory of the phone accommodates 4GB microSD card.

The battery on the phone supports a talk-time of 4hrs and extends to a stand-by time of 200hrs. Other features on the phone include games, motion sensor and conference call among others. At, online shop, the Spice Mobile Phone is available at a low price of Rs. 2699, which is a 50% off on the MRP. Order now and avail FREE shipping on the mobile phone.

Samsung Wave 525 is one of the affordable phone high end phones from Samsung Mobiles. The phone comes with a proprietary operating system, a 1-Ghz humming bird processor and a Super AMOLED screen, which is a multi-functional touchscreen.  The phone comes with newly developed Touch Wiz interface to provide the customer with a better navigational experience. The phone is amazingly slim and is only 11mm thick; the metallic feel to the phone makes it quite suave.

The phone has a 3.15MP camera to give image output in 2048×1536 pixels and the video recording on the phone is functional. For data connectivity, all three major formats – GPRS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are enabled on the phone. There is an internal memory and an extendable memory slot that stores 16GB of data. The standard battery on the phone supports a talk time of 8hrs with a standby for 432 hrs.

Other features on the phone include SMS, messaging, organiser, wallpapers and screensavers. At, this Samsung Mobile phone is available at Rs. 7560, that’s a discount of 14% off on the MRP.

Samsung S3310i is a sleek and slim phone from Samsung Mobiles. The phone has an elegant design, built on a sturdy aluminium frame, that’s durable and long lasting. The phone comes with 2.1inch TFT display with a 240×320 pixel having 16 million colours resolution. The camera on the phone has 2MP capacity and is enabled for video recording. The image output from the camera has a 240×320 pixel resolution, while the video camera has a recording output of 1600×1200 pixels. The Samsung Mobile phone has a FM radio with stereo sound and comes with a RDS interface and speakerphone is also functional on the mobile phone.

The data connectivity on the phone is quite decent for the phone in this segment. The mobile phone has both Bluetooth and GPRS enabled. The phone supports an internal memory and supports up to 8GB of storage on the expandable memory slot. The phone has a smart organiser and can convert calendar and memo to help you keep track of data, time and other important information.

Other features on the phone include SMS, instant messaging, wallpapers and screensaver. At, this Samsung Mobile is priced Rs. 3740, that’s a 16% off on the MRP.

The tablet PC cum Smartphone is a new gadget available in the market. The Samsung Galaxy Tab was launched in the market back in May 2010. Built on an Android platform, this tablet PC can double up as many gadgets in one. The tablet works on 1-Ghz processor with full Flash support and supports up to 32GB of storage and is enabled with Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is in the same league as the Apple iPad, but with only difference in the screen size. If proper comparison needs to be made, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is similar to the newly launched Dell Streak tablet PC from Dell.

The Samsung Tab is quite handy to carry and could fit into a more than average size pocket quite comfortably. It weighs a mere 0.38kgs to make it one of the lightest in the gadgets arena presently. The -7-inch screen serves ideal for face to face conference calls and will make you connect with most important people in your both formally and informally. The Social Hub on the Smartphone integrates your Email, SMS and your social network profiles. The tablet PC supports all office documents and files in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF formats can be viewed and edited as per your requirements.

The Galaxy Tab can be an e-book reader and provide a rich multimedia experience. Movies can be watched in HD and is supported by a 5.1 surround sound. The gadget also supports your personalised calendar offered by popular service providers like Google, Facebook and MS Outlook, this would help you maximize your work productivity and time schedules. At, this Samsung Galaxy Tablet is available at Rs. 30, 799, that’s a discount of 19% on the MRP. In addition, the Galaxy Tablet comes with a silicon cover, absolutely FREE.

Samsung Mobiles are known for their aesthetics and high technology features. Samsung mobiles are built keeping in mind the demand for innovation in the market. Samsung E2152 is a dual SIM normal bar phone that comes with a TFT screen of 128×160 pixel resolution. The phone’s camera gives a still image output of 640×480 pixels and has digital zoom to enhance the quality of the image. The video player on the phone has facility for video messaging as well.  The phone carries along multimedia features like a music player and is built-in with digital sound in the OMA DRM 1.0 format for the FM radio.

The data connectivity on the phone is quite standard with Bluetooth, WAP and USB being functional on the phone. Text communication on the phone can be done through both SMS/ MMS and email, the predictive dictionary on the phone makes for good speed while texting. The phone carries a 7.5MB internal memory and has an expandable memory slot to hold up to 2GB of data. The speaker phone is enabled and the battery supports a talk time of 11.2 hrs, with standby time to extend 555 hrs. At, the online shop, this cheapest Samsung Mobile is available at Rs.2690, that’s a 46% discount on the MRP.

Nokia E71 is business phone from the E series of Nokia mobile phones. The phone has a 2.3inch TFT colour panel, with a screen resolution of 320×240 pixels. A camera of 3.15MP delivers an image with resolution of 2048×1536 pixels and comes with self-focus and videocall camera.

It has an integrated memory of 128MB and has an extendable memory slot for an 8GB microSD card. The multimedia aspect of the phone is visible through an audio cum video player, FM radio and visual radio. The QWERTY phone has GPRS, Bluetooth, EDGE, 3G, Wi-Fi, USB and Infra-red options available for data connectivity. This phone is available is available on at the cheapest Nokia phone is priced at Rs. 13,499, a discount of 26% off on the MRP.

Nokia 7210 is a GSM mobile for the average phone user from Nokia mobiles. The phone has a 2 inch TFT screen with 256k colour resolution. It has a camera of 2MP capacity, with 1600×1200 pixel resolution and plays video at 15 frames per second.

The phone is enabled for SMS, MMS and Email and supports WAP sites on both xHTML and HTML. For good data connectivity the phone supports GPRS, EDGE Bluetooth and USB.

The phone is user friendly, when it comes to multimedia option as well. It plays music in mp3 and mp4 formats and plays video files in flash. The battery allows for talk time up to 5.3 hrs and stand-by of 288 hrs. The phone supports an internal memory of 30MB and supports an extendable memory of up to 2GB. At, this cheapest Nokia phone is available at Rs.4799 at a discount of 13%.

The Blackberry Bold 9000 is a quad band handset with HSDPA, 3G and GPS navigation built-in to the phone.  According to experts, the phone was in the planning stages for 3 years before it came into the market. The front panel of the blackberry phone is a QWERTY keyboard, the trackball is also located  on the front with good response time. At the right side of the phone, there is the volume rocker and on the top of the phone there is the mute key.

The phone runs on the proprietary operating system, the blackberry OS v4.6. The screen sport a nice icons with a neat and simple interface. The phone is enabled with speed dialling. The phone has 2MP pixel camera with LED flash. The phone has a simple music player and also plays DIVx and Xvid videos too. At the cheapest blackberry phone is available at the cheapest price of Rs. 18, 299 which is a discount of 48%.

Blackberry Curve 8900 is one of the sleekest phones in the blackberry curve series. The phone has a landscape display, encased in a 2.4 inch TFT screen. The blackberry phone is made from plastic, the curvy design of the phone nicely fits into the pocket of the user.  The trackball navigation of the phone makes is for easy navigation and the centrepiece is used to control the phone. The phone runs on the proprietary Blackberry OS v4.6, that has a built-in GPS.  At the right side of the device there is the volume rocker, microUSB and 3.5mm audio jack.

The phone has a 3.2MP camera, with an auto focus and LED flash. The camera offers the basic functions such as white balance, colour effects and image stabilization. Video recording is also possible on the phone. As a multimedia phone, it comes across as a good gadget with mp3 player that plays most of major music formats available. The phone has both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled.

The blackberry phone lives up to 6 hours of talk time and has an expandable memory of up to 16GB. At  the cheapest blackberry phone is available at a price of  Rs. 17, 199, that is a discount of 31%.

Blackberry 8830 comes in the series of 8800 series of phones and is targeted at the travelling business man and woman. The phone can work both on CDMA and GSM network. The voice coverage is spread across to 157 countries. The design and look are similar to the 8800 and is in line with the sleek and smooth finish associated with the series of phones. The camera and video recording is conspicuously absent from the phones. However rest of the blackberry phone has all the standard features required by a busy corporate executive.

The touch screen phone has a 320×240 pixel resolution and comes with an automatic adjustment of brightness in accordance with ambient light conditions. The screen is 2.5 inch wide and is capable of showing 65k colours. The input device in the phone is a -4-way trackball navigation and can be adjusted in speed according to users preference.  As a multimedia device, the phone performs well. It plays most of the present music formats including MP3, WMA, AAC, AMR-NB, MIDI. It also plays MPEG4, WMV and H.263 formats.

At, this cheapest blackberry phone is available at Rs 12, 990 and comes with a discount of 62%. Overall, a rugged and sturdy phone that provides stable performance in all your formal and informal pursuits.

Blackberry 9800 is perfect companion for travelling business professional. This blackberry phone is a high-end model smartphone coming from the blackberry stable. This blackberry phone has an improved operating system, improved web browser for the tech-savvy business executive compared to other blackberry mobile phones.

The 3.2 inch touchscreen phone is a multi-touch capacitive screen and shares a close resemblance to Blackberry bold 9700. The phone is well balanced and has a weight of 161.1 g to make it perfect in the hand when typing a mail or texting. The phone has 5MP camera, with 2x digital zoom and an LED flash option. It has a 512MB of internal memory and an extended memory of 32GB.

On the multimedia front also the phone does well with mp3 player with an audio jack support. It is both Wi-fi and blue-tooth enabled. The WAP browser in the phone has social networking features like Instant messaging, Blackberry messenger, Email. The lithium-ion battery offers a talk time of 5 hrs and 30 minutes.

At, this cheapest blackberry phone is lowly priced at Rs.31, 999 and comes with 11% off on the MRP. This phone is must have for the high-profile business executive and comes lowly priced across compared to all online shopping websites.

Blackberry 9300 offers 3G connectivity and is Wi-Fi enabled. The phone has the customary 2.4 inch screen and 2 MP camera. The QWERTY keyboard sits on the curved chassis perfectly to display the 480×360 pixel screen. The blackberry mobile phone has an optical trackpad and is almost identical to blackberry models like 8900.

The top panel of the screen offers the media controls like play-pause, skip forwards and back. It comes at the cheapest blackberry phone price of Rs. 15, 499, at a discount of 23% across all online shopping stores. Perhaps the cheapest price offered on the blackberry mobile category across all online websites.

Blackberry is a range of smartphones made by the Canadian company Research in Motion (RIM). The company approximately has a 15% share of the world’s smartphone market pie. This makes it the 5th most popular device manufacturer after Nokia, Samsung, Apple and LG. Most GSM blackberry mobiles phones work on Intel & ARM microprocessors. The blackberry devices are famous for their proprietary operating system developed by RIM, that is capable of various input devices like track wheel, track ball and track pad. Blackberry is most preferred by corporate clients, since it offers encryption of all emails sent. Such a facility is advantageous in an environment, when corporate confidentiality is of paramount importance. At, the blackberry devices are being sold at attractive prices with discounts ranging from 7% to 62%. In layman’s terms, we are selling you the cheapest blackberry phones across all online websites. There are 12 exquisite phones from blackberry being displayed on the online mobile store. Out of these two models are amongst the best selling phones from the blackberry stable.

The first phone on the list is the Blackberry Storm 9530. A smartphone with 360×480 pixels touch screen, 3.15 MP camera, Bluetooth enabled, talk-time up to 9 hrs and with an internal storage capacity of 1GB.  Other features on the phone include instant messaging, organiser and video recording capability. The phone is priced at Rs 11,999 and comes at a discount of 41%.  Second on the list is the Blackberry Pearl 3G 9100 is another smartphone with a touchscreen resolution of 360×400 pixels, 3.15MP camera, Wi-Fi enabled, Bluetooth enabled and a talk-time to last up to 5.5hrs. It has an internal memory of 256MB and an extendable memory of 32GB. The phone is priced at Rs. 13,299 and comes at a discount of 37%.

Other blackberry phones available on the site include-  Blackberry 8830, Blackberry 9800, Blackberry 9780, Blackberry 9300, Blackberry Bold 9000, Blackberry Curve 8520, Blackberry Curve 8900, Blackberry Storm 9530, Blackberry Storm2 – 9520, Blackberry Bold2-9700, Blackberry Pearl 3G-9105.

Dell XCD28 is the latest mobile phone from the dell mobile models. The Dell XCD28 has a truly curvy body and a handy dimension of 102x55x14.5mm and a total weight of 100gms. It is made from a resistive touch screen, with a display of 320×240 pixel resolution.   The sleek multimedia mobile has a quality music player, ringtones, vibration alerts, speaker, video player with video recording to bring you good quality of music.

Dell XCD28 has a 3.2 megapixel camera, with a 2048×1536 pixel resolution.  The camera has advanced features like digital zoom, auto focus and video recording. The USP of the phone is that it runs on an Android operating systemv2.1 making it an Android phone that runs on an ARM11 600 MHz processor that provides numeral connectivity and messaging features.  It has a 200MB built-in memory that can be expanded through a microSD card, which can make available unlimited number of contacts, messages, songs, wall-paper and images etc. GPRS and Edge connectivity are also seen in this mobile phone. If you happen to be a networking enthusiast, there is an option of connecting to facebook, twitter, Gmail and Gtalk. The Dell phone also consists of document reader that enables Word, PDF, Excel and PowerPoint. It is available on the online shopping store at list price of Rs.10,990 – 21% discount on MRP.

The Nokia C6 00 QWERTY with touch bar phone helps bringing everyone together. Friends and family always come first and who understands that better than Nokia.  With easy access to your mobile email, contacts and favorite social networks keeping in touch with your dear ones is a lot easier with Nokia C6 00.

This runs on the Symbian S60 5th Edition and features Quad-band GSM, GPRS, and 3G with HSDPA support. Supporting a 3.2 inch touch screen capable of display 16Million colors at 360 x 640 pixels this phone has an amazing display that ensures perfect clarity for your images. Its 5-megapixel camera with an LED flash with a minimal focusing distance of 10cm and maximum aperture of F2.4, allows for some pretty decent depth-of-field in close-up shots. It can also record VGA-resolution clips at 30fps with digital zoom enabled during video capture. Finally, the Nokia C6 00 has a fairly intuitive music that brings up your most recently/ frequently played tracks. Now, get this super phone for unbelievable price from HomeShop18

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Lemon mobiles as a company stand for innovation, auspiciousness and youthfulness. The whole idea of a mobile device here is about making the maximum out of the devices available. Lemon actually imbibes this in its communication strategy, while appealing to its consumer base. Lemon iQ303 is a GSM phone, with a Candy Bar model and a QWERTY keypad. The phone comes with a 2” TFT display and is enabled for both music and video player. There is a wireless FM and an antenna on the phone. The camera on the phone also supports video recording. The data connectivity on the phone supports – GPRS connectivity. Since the model supports the Dual SIM technology, it is capable of supporting 2-GSM SIM Cards. The internal memory on the phone supports – 194KB and expandable memory slot accommodates up to 4GB of space. Other features on the phone include – SMS, instant messaging, organiser, wallpapers, calendar, calculator & alarm clock. This Lemon mobile is available on the India online shopping website, homeshop18.

Karbonn has always been known for coming out with mobiles, which are capable of innovation in telecom and technology. Karbonn mobiles have always been known for bringing best priced handsets to the price-conscious Indian consumer.  The company is leading supplier of telecom equipment to cellular operators; build-and-operate state wide networks for several state governments. The company’s latest offering is the Karbonn Dual SIM K455 comes with Dual SIM and Dual Stand-by. The mobile comes with digital camera and video recording and supports all the major A-V formats. The mobile comes with an FM Radio with recording and functions with the three functions WAP, GPRS and Bluetooth. The memory on the camera can support an expandable 4GB card. The phone memory can handle 1000contacts and the phone memory is 250KB.The display on the phone is a decent 2inch. The standard battery on the camera supports 2hrs of talk-time and extends on stand-by to 180hrs. The Karbonn Mobile Phone is available on the internet shopping website for Rs.2099, with 45% off on the MRP when purchased from homeshop18.

The Micromax X265 comes as a basic GSM candy-bar mobile model comes with an optimal price for someone looking for a budget phone for daily use. Micromax has delivered on product and quality, whenever the Indian consumer came up with needs of price conscious choices of simple mobile phone. The talk-time on the phone extends up to 6hrs and stand-by on the phone and get extend up to 312hrs. The input on the phone is supported through keypad and the camera on the phone supports VGA type recording and image capture. Other features on the phone include FM Radio, Music Player, Video Player and Video Recording. This Micromax Mobile is available on the India shop website, homeshop18.

Acer has brought in the fastest phone in the Android mobile market today. The Liquid S1000 is packed with a Snapdragon processor (768Mhz) and super hi-resolution screen. The slim chassis on the phone is at par with most of the phones available in the market. Acer made its first impressions in the market through its Windows Mobile Neo Touch S200 and by bringing top-end specs and the Android OS. The look of the phone is a decent 3.5” inch touch-screen, but there is more room for it to come closer to iPhone or SamsungH1. Another novelty on the phone is the LED indicators, which instantly notify on incoming or missed calls, message and battery levels.

The user interface on the phone has scrollable wheels, with which you can select music, photos and videos. The interface on the phone is clean and responsive and based on the capacitive screen technology for lightening fast inputs. Looking at the generic features of the mobile supports a 5MP resolution camera and that comes with auto-focus and absence of flash and comes with only LED support. The excellent capacitive screen is capable both pinch and zoom for navigational purposes. There is both 3G & Wi-Fi connectivity adds to your video calling and internet browsing experience. The internal memory on the phone supports 256RAM and 512ROM and is supported by an expandable card slot of 32GB.The mobile supports talk-time in 2G for 14hours and 3G for 5hours, the phone can support a stand-by of 400hrs. The Acer mobile is available on the online shopping website, homeshop18. Buy mobile online for Rs.14, 749, with 42% off on MRP.